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Here’s some of what you’ll find in Rollover Coach.

Learn why 401k recordkeepers and NOT other advisors are your biggest competitors in the rollover space.


Learn How no-load recordkeepers sell their services and play keep away from other firms (They retain as high as 80% of assets when clients leave)


Advanced rollover strategies you will NEVER learn from your back office or wholesalers


Discover how rollovers are processed. Many advisors are completely in the dark here. If you have ever told a client “Call your company to get the rollover paperwork” you are screwing up royally. We will show you why.


Special tax treatments you must know cold


Strategies on working with clients’ pre-59 ½. Learn several ways clients can access 401k money before 59 ½ WITHOUT rule 72T.


Learn how you can rollover 401k assets from clients who have not left their company yet. We will teach you who you can target and why.


The single most powerful question you can ask a prospect to encourage them to seek financial advice. I tested this over 1000 times.


Discover the 2 sales which must be made before your prospect will rollover their money to you


Learn what information you should be tracking from companies in your area. You need to know pitfalls of the major employers in your area. We will teach you need to track to boost your rollover sales.


3 minute rollovers – Learn how to process some rollovers in as little as 3 minutes so the check can be processed ASAP.


The 5 biggest mistakes I have seen advisors make that have cost dearly.


Learn which products work the best in the rollover space (Hint: Variable Annuities don’t get NEAR the market share your friendly wholesaler tries to convince you of) The no-load recordkeepers will tear them to shreds.


How call-centers are set up at the no-load recordkeepers. Find out what they do and why its so important you know.


Advanced strategies on highlighting the weaknesses of a prospects 401k plan.


Why “Special tax notices” are used to stall the rollover process. Learn where to find the document to prevent your clients from having to wait to receive their money.


Learn our special asset allocation strategy which cannot be employed inside 99.9% of 401k plans available today.


Learn what factors influence why some companies are easier to get rollover business from than others.


Discover the 3 main types of people you will meet when prospecting


Biggest reasons why clients stay in their 401k plan (this is one of your biggest competitors by the way)


Learn which products are easiest to sell the large rollovers ($500K and above)


Investing mistakes made by the wisest Fortune 1000 employees


This is just a small sample of what you’ll find in Rollover Coach. Rollover Coach gives you the super-detailed roadmap you need to succeed in the rollover marketplace.  This material is battle tested and proven.


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